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Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for SEM

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Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for SEM

The typical business is designed to operate most efficiently at full capacity. As facilities across the country slow or shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offers businesses a cost-effective way to keep their operational efficiency high and energy use low.

In many ways, SEM is a no-brainer—especially in times like these. Here are just a few reasons why:

1) Limited cost

At its core, SEM is designed to work with little or no capital from the participating organization. With a focus on no-cost behavioral and operational changes, SEM is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations operating at lower capacity than normal.

2) Community

Participating in SEM is a collaborative effort. To augment the behavioral and operational changes and build a sense of community, regular workshops are scheduled between participating organizations, utility representatives and CLEAResult subject matter experts.

3) Long-term vision

Good habits are hard to break. Once the values and behavioral changes gained from SEM become ingrained with an organization’s culture, the operational efficiencies and cost savings keep adding up year after year.

4) Proven success

Over a decade ago, our SEM program provided commercial utility customers impacted by the recession with a low-cost, comprehensive solution to reducing their operational costs. Now, we can build on that success to help customers navigate through another economic downturn.

5) Safety and convenience

With in-person visits largely on pause, innovative contact-free solutions have stepped in to fill the communication gap. Soon, our newly launched Virtual Assessment tool will deliver an even more immersive and collaborative experience.

Need more? Register for our free SEM webinar coming up on July 23.


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Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for SEM

Case Study: Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for SEM

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