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Segment-specific Approaches to Commercial Energy Efficiency: A Better Way to Create Happy Customers and Meet Goals

Published March 12, 2015

Creating happy customers is challenging at any time, and programmatic approaches are often technology—rather than customer—centered. Designing customer-centric programs for specific segments can create enduring relationships that deliver substantial on-going savings over time, spanning a broad range of technologies and end-uses.

Watch the webinar presentation below to learn:

  • What market segment approaches are and how they work
  • Why and when such approaches are useful
  • A real-world example of a deployed grocery program


David Gibbons, Principal, Program Strategy, National Grid

David is responsible for the design and development of National Grid’s portfolio of commercial and industrial efficiency programs in Massachusetts. He is involved in developing strategies to improve program performance based on continuous assessment of technical, regulatory, and market developments. David also serves as National Grid’s representative on and Chairperson of the C&I Management Committee, a group comprising lead C&I representatives of all Massachusetts gas and electric program administrators.

3.2015 DGibbons (1)

Jeremy Litow, Senior Director, CLEAResult

Jeremy has market-specific expertise in supermarkets, commercial office buildings, water and waste water facilities, and with irrigation and cold storage refrigeration systems. He has been in energy efficiency for 15 years and currently leads CLEAResult’s national grocery practice.

3.2015 JLitow

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