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Strategic Energy Management: Read Our New Case Study

Published August 15, 2016

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We all know how much energy and money we can save by doing simple things like turning off the lights when we leave a room, or setting our computers to enter sleep mode after periods of inactivity. Strategic Energy Management (SEM) employs this same mentality on an industrial scale, and, in turn, generates industrial-sized savings.

Since 2009, CLEAResult has helped over 400 facilities institute behavioral and operational changes that increase quality and productivity while driving meaningful and persistent energy and operational savings. We’ve tailored our holistic approach to accommodate product manufacturing centers, food processing plants, water and waste treatment facilities, schools, universities, hospitals and more.

We recently partnered with AEP Ohio, an electric utility company serving more than 1.5 million customers, on an SEM program called Continuous Energy Improvement, or CEI. By focusing on simple and accessible low- to no-cost efficiency practices like turning off unused motors and optimizing compressed air systems, we were able to greatly exceed expectations. We achieved 130 percent of AEP Ohio’s CEI program savings goal in the first year alone.

Click through to read our complete SEM case study to find out more on how we saved AEP Ohio over 100 million annual kilowatt-hours. And why Jon Williams, AEP Ohio’s energy efficiency and consumer programs manager, described SEM as “energy efficiency on steroids.”

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