Custom & Prescriptive

Our custom and prescriptive offerings allow utilities to assist more customers through accessible energy-saving solutions that are either targeted to a specific market or wide-reaching across multiple markets.

Our programs generate high-volume participation and customer satisfaction

All across the country, utilities are using our custom and prescriptive programs to bring cost-effective energy efficiency solutions to their commercial and industrial customers. These programs benefit utilities in a number of ways. For one, they ensure a broad cross-section of customers has the opportunity to receive ratepayer-funded services that generate energy savings. They also drive considerable business to participating contractors.

The beauty of custom and prescriptive programs is their flexibility and wide reach. Custom programs provide the in-depth technical expertise required for highly specific, unique solutions and are a great addition to a utility portfolio, especially when targeting hard-to-reach markets. With our prescriptive offerings, customers can choose from a large catalog of proven solutions and pick projects as they see fit. Energy savings, attractive rebates and fast, simple payback are hallmarks of both.

What truly sets CLEAResult apart, when it comes to the custom and prescriptive approach, is our experience. Our engineering teams are known for their top-notch project support and quality assessment. We have design and implementation teams that specialize in rapid program startup and success. And the relationships we’ve built nationally within the industry allow us to accelerate and sustain energy savings through the course of each program.

Retrocommissioning is custom-fit and comprehensive

We've created a library of widely adopted retrocommissioning (RCx) guides, tools and trainings for an industry we helped pioneer over 30 years ago. CLEAResult's award-winning RCx programs have resulted in more than 93 million kWh and 2.6 million therms in cumulative energy savings.