Retrocommissioning is our systematic process for investigating, analyzing and optimizing the performance of building systems. From offices to airports and everything in between, we offer a customizable program for nearly every building type in every market.

We scale down the scope, not the service

Typically, only the largest buildings receive the benefits of retrocommissioning. This leaves a much deeper stock of buildings, measuring less than 100,000 square feet, completely untapped. We collaborate with clients to integrate the optimal set of people, processes and technology to deliver high-quality solutions to a wide range of customers and building types. Our unique program-delivery approaches utilize powerful technologies such as monitoring-based commissioning and energy information systems.

We offer a highly customizable retrocommissioning program. Each solution is optimized to address specific markets and geographic factors, and we group them into three main program types:

  • Traditional, with on-site analysis provided by trained trade allies;
  • Analytics-enabled, which uses energy information systems to remotely screen building candidates and identify potential measures; and
  • Monitoring-based commissioning, which remotely identifies inefficiencies and supports continuous improvement of a building’s energy systems.

We literally wrote the book on retrocommissioning

After 268 completed projects, garnering over 93 million cumulative kWh savings and numerous awards for our programs and pilots, we’ve created a library of widely accepted retrocommisioning guides, tools and trainings.