What is 80 PLUS certification program?

80 PLUS® is a performance specification and certification program for internal power supply units (PSUs). One can easily access 80 PLUS® certified products and testing reports through our online portal.

Its performance specification requires power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% energy efficient or greater at 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or higher.

80 PLUS® offer six levels of certification for internal power supplies at increasing ratings of energy efficiency ranging from Standard to Titanium.

  • 80 PLUS® Standard
  • 80 PLUS® Bronze
  • 80 PLUS® Silver
  • 80 PLUS® Gold
  • 80 PLUS® Platinum
  • 80 PLUS® Titanium

There are currently seven categories of certified power supplies:

  • 115V Internal desktop
  • 230V EU Internal desktop
  • 115V Industrial
  • 230V Internal Redundant AC data center
  • 380V Internal Redundant DC data center
  • 277V Internal Redundant AC data center
  • 480V Internal Redundant AC data center

What does Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium PSU (power supply units) rating mean?

To understand the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium PSU ratings please check the following 80 PLUS Certification rating chart:

80 PLUS Certification115V Internal Non-Redundant115V Industrial
% of Rated Load10%20%50%100%10%25%50%100%
80 PLUS-80%80%80% PFC ≥ 0.90-
80 PLUS Bronze-82%85% PFC ≥ 0.9082%-
80 PLUS Silver-85%88% PFC ≥ 0.9085%80%85% PFC ≥ 0.9088%85%
80 PLUS Gold-87%90% PFC ≥ 0.9087%82%87% PFC ≥ 0.9090%87%
80 PLUS Platinum-90%92% PFC ≥ 0.9589%85%90% PFC ≥ 0.9592%90%
80 PLUS Titanium90%92% PFC ≥ 0.9594%90%-
80 PLUS Certification230V EU Internal Non-Redundant230V Internal Redundant
% of Rated Load10%20%50%100%10%20%50%100%
80 PLUS-82%85% PFC ≥ 0.9082%-
80 PLUS Bronze-85%88% PFC ≥ 0.9085%-81%85% PFC ≥ 0.9081%
80 PLUS Silver-87%90% PFC ≥ 0.9087%-85%89% PFC ≥ 0.9085%
80 PLUS Gold-90%92% PFC ≥ 0.9089%-88%92% PFC ≥ 0.9088%
80 PLUS Platinum-92%94% PFC ≥ 0.9590%-90%94% PFC ≥ 0.9591%
80 PLUS Titanium90%94% PFC ≥ 0.9596%91%90%94% PFC ≥ 0.9596%91%
80 PLUS Certification277V / 480V Internal Redundant380V DC Internal Redundant
% of Rated Load10%20%50%100%10%20%50%100%
80 PLUS     
80 PLUS Bronze80%82%85% PFC ≥ 0.9082%80%82%85%82%
80 PLUS Silver82%85%89% PFC ≥ 0.9085%82%85%89%85%
80 PLUS Gold85%88%92% PFC ≥ 0.9088%85%88%92%88%
80 PLUS Platinum88%90%94% PFC ≥ 0.9591%88%90%94%91%
80 PLUS Titanium90%94% PFC ≥ 0.9596%91%90%94%96%91%


What are the benefits of getting an 80 PLUS certification for my product?

Our standards are recognized by ENERGY STAR® and the European Union (EU) for being significantly more efficient than standard PSUs, giving manufacturers a unique market opportunity to differentiate their premium products and improve consumer confidence.

What are Power Supplies?

Power supplies are devices used to power computers, servers and other consumer and industrial equipment. They convert AC power from electric utilities into DC power used in most electronics.

Internal PSUs are most commonly found in desktop computers, workstations, non-redundant server applications and redundant data center devices. Industrial PSUs can be found in various physical formats including embedded, encapsulated, open frame, rack mount and DIN-mount.

How can I get an 80 PLUS certification for my product?

Certifying your product is easy. Create an account on our online portal, then select your product and complete the application. For a technical review of our testing procedures, please view our comprehensive testing FAQ.

How much does it cost to get an 80 PLUS certification for my product?

Depending on the product, the price for testing and certification can range from $3,500 to $7,250 USD.