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What are Power Supplies?

Power supplies are the devices that power computers and servers. They convert AC power from electric utilities into DC power used in most electronics.

What is the 80 PLUS specification?

The 80 PLUS performance specification requires multi-output power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or greater. This makes an 80 PLUS certified power supply substantially more efficient than typical power supplies and creates a unique market differentiation opportunity for power supply and computer manufacturers

Program timelines and milestones

2018 - ENERGY STAR V8.0 for Desktops
2018 - ENERGY STAR V3.0 for Servers
2014 - 230V EU specification Introduced
2014 - 80 PLUS Titanium specification introduced for Desktops
2011 - 10% efficiency recorded for desktop computers
2011 - 80 PLUS Titanium specification introduced for Servers
2011 - SNIA PSUs added to the category for Servers
2011 - Introduction of Titanium 80 PLUS label as most efficient specification within the Data Center
2010 - Addition of Platinum 80 PLUS label for the most efficient power supplies
2009 - ENERGY STAR® v5.0 for Desktop Computers requires 80 PLUS Bronze and v1.0 for Servers requires 80 PLUS Silver or better Power supplies
2008 - Addition of Bronze, Silver, and Gold 80 PLUS labels to distinguish among various levels of efficiency
2007 - ENERGY STAR® Computer Specification (Version 4.0) goes into effect. The specification includes 80 PLUS power supply efficiency levels for desktop computers
2007 - Dell certifies 4 power supplies
2006 - HP joins by certifying 80 PLUS power supplies
2006 - ENERGY STAR include 80 PLUS requirements in new computer draft specification
2005 - First market-ready power supply by Seasonic certified 80 PLUS
2004 - Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance becomes first sponsor
2004 - Program concept announced at ACEEE Market Transformation Symposium
2003 - 2005 - We developed the Generalized Internal Power Supply Efficiency Test Protocol for desktop derived multi-output power supplies