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Industry Affiliates

Industry Affiliates


80 PLUS qualified power supplies are an integral part of the latest ENERGY STAR label specification for computers. The EPA has strengthened the requirements for earning the ENERGY STAR to meet energy use guidelines in three distinct operating modes: standby, active, and sleep modes. This ensures energy savings when computers are being used and performing a range of tasks, as well as when they are in standby. ENERGY STAR qualified computers must also have a more efficient internal power supply that meets the 80 PLUS specifications.


EPEAT is the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector. The EPEAT program provides independent verification of manufacturers’ claims and the EPEAT online Registry lists sustainable products from a broader range of manufacturers than any comparable ecolabel. National governments, including the United States, and thousands of private and public institutional purchasers around the world use EPEAT as part of their sustainable procurement decisions.

The Green Electronics Council (GEC) manages this flagship program, including ensuring the integrity of the EPEAT system.  EPEAT is one example of how GEC supports institutional purchasers around the world, fostering a market for sustainable IT products to achieve our mission of a world of only sustainable IT.


Enervee provides online utility-branded choice engines, supporting energy efficiency, including no-rebate residential “market-based EE savings” a zero to 100 energy efficiency score proven to nudge shoppers towards more efficient purchases that consume energy in the home, online stores, electrification in the home as well as intercepting active internal combustion engine car shoppers, accelerating EV adoption to 36% of cars sold by platform users.


The Green Grid is an affiliate membership level of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), a premier trade association that works to advance public policies for the tech sector. ITI’s Green Grid works to improve IT and data center energy efficiency and eco-design around the world. It is an open industry consortium of information and communications technology (ICT) industry end-users, policymakers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies. We offer the data center expertise that governments turn to for industry insight and counsel, bringing to bear the combined influence of a diverse body of ICT industry leaders.