We change the way people use energy.

At CLEAResult, we make energy efficiency smarter, faster and more accessible for everyone. We work with utilities, businesses and consumers to improve the energy experience on a local and global level — and we’re just getting started.

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CLEAResult started in Austin, Texas, in 2003 with a simple idea: a results-oriented company could have a positive impact by helping people make smart energy decisions. In the years since, we've grown to become the single largest provider of energy solutions in North America. Now, with offices in over 60 cities in the U.S. and Canada, we're able to tailor our efforts to fit our clients' specific needs, while positively impacting the energy landscape on a global scale.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive set of energy programs and demand-side management strategies. Our energy experts design and maintain energy optimization services for utility companies as well as institutional, commercial and industrial organizations. We deliver solutions that lower load requirements for utilities, reduce energy bills for end users and minimize environmental burdens on communities. Every day, in every way possible, we change the way people use energy.

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