Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management, or SEM, is a holistic approach to energy management. By continuously improving energy performance, businesses are able to increase cost savings year after year.

SEM changes the way facilities use energy—and saves money in the process

With Strategic Energy Management, or SEM, CLEAResult helps businesses of all kinds maximize facility energy performance. Better energy performance yields big savings on energy costs.

Relying on a set of best practices determined and implemented alongside the customer, SEM creates a culture of continuous energy improvement—from the plant floor worker to top management. Our proven approach not only affects organizational culture, it improves productivity, product quality and overall facility operations. SEM emphasizes equipping and enabling energy teams, managers and staff to impact energy consumption through behavioral and operational change.

Our human-centric approach allows us to plan and implement programs that engage your staff on all levels to gather accurate operational data, decision-making criteria and energy utilization information. We understand your needs and can deliver energy savings, environmental benefits and significant cost reduction every time.

"SEM is energy efficiency on steroids."

With over 100 participating companies saving a combined annual 100 million kWh, we'd say Jon Williams of AEP Ohio's above assessment is fairly accurate.