Delivering results, one call at a time.

Our call center team is comprised of over 225 full-time CSRs who are specifically trained in renewable energy topics and queries. We can quickly assign a dedicated toll-free number(s) in support of your energy efficiency program and start delivering results right away.


Calls handled


Approximate inbound calls


Approximate outbound calls


Answer rate

23 seconds

Average speed of answer


Customer satisfaction levels

Make a good first impression with your energy efficiency customers:

Staffed with Bilingual CSRs
Staffed with Bilingual CSRs

We’re staffed with bilingual CSRs fluent in Spanish and have also contracted with a tele-interpreting company that provides translation services for over 170 languages.

Advanced Telephony Infrastructure
Advanced Telephony Infrastructure

We can quickly assign a dedicated toll-free number(s) in support of your program, provide auto-attendant greetings and advanced interactive voice response capabilities.

Scalable & Flexible
Scalable & Flexible

We can quickly establish operations and have a full scale call center ready to go within less than two months of contract signing.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We keep a close eye on all of our phone calls using the Genesys recording system. It provides real-time call monitoring, transcriptions, screen capture and more.

CSRs Trained in Energy Efficiency
CSRs Trained in Energy Efficiency

We have 20+ years in handling customer service calls in the energy efficiency marketplace. Our in-house certification program offers classroom training and real life exposure.

Web-Based Reporting
Web-Based Reporting

Our reporting is web-based, allowing ease of access to all clients and we can report down to the half hour.

Climate-focused call centers

Our CSRs undergo rigorous in-house certification and possess a longer tenure of 4.5 years, ensuring a deeper energy efficiency expertise. What’s more, all our supervisors and managers have a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certificate of Knowledge.

Primary call center services
Primary call center services
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Inbound and outbound emailing
  • Live online chat capabilities
  • Response to customer, contractor and client inquiries
  • Appointment and inspection scheduling
  • Energy efficiency sales/enrollment
Secondary call center services
Secondary call center services
  • Participant recruitment
  • Information fulfillment
  • Participation in events
  • Satisfaction and general participant surveys
  • Administrative support
  • Credit card payment processing

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