Maximize the impact of the IRA with our essential, best-in-class technology toolkit.

Our turnkey, integrated solution empowers administrators by streamlining the processes of income verification and data-reporting. That way, state energy offices can easily work within the DOE’s rules and regulations to stack – or “braid”– rebates effectively from a variety of local, state and utility programs. As a result, contractors, consumers and program administrators alike are set up for success when it comes to saving energy.


Key features of CLEAResult ATLAS™ IRA Home Energy Rebates:

Braided Funding

Allows for rebate stacking from local, state and utility funding sources.

Income Verification

Provides multiple pathways to income verification including “categorical eligibility” for participants in other income-eligible programs.

API Integration

Pre-packaged integration with the DOE’s national rebate tracker, making end-to-end workflow requirements a snap (includes 18 distinct workflows today). 

Rebate Calculator

Supports dynamic incentive calculations based on income level of applicant and/or the percent of energy savings being modeled.

Energy Equality

Advanced targeting tools to reach the customers that need it most.

Partner Management

Streamlines the management of trade allies and contractors.

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