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Data Center Optimization Case Study

Published January 04, 2016

A national company with a large data center in Austin, Texas, turned to CLEAResult to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs while improving redundancy, longevity and reliability.

National Data Center Saves $500k on Annual Energy Costs

CLEAResult analyzed and summarized records from the data center to understand energy usage and patterns, then designed a cooling retrofit using exhaustive research, extensive experience and proven technology.

Technology Improvements:

  • 697-ton variable speed centrifugal chiller uses 80 percent less energy than previous unit
  • Ultra-quiet tower with demisting cone eliminates most of the vapor plume visible to surrounding neighborhoods
  • Redundant 40-horsepower condenser water pumps with variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide energy savings and reliability
  • 100-micron in-line, low pressure, self-cleaning, stainless steel filter reduces operational costs
  • Redundant chilled-water pumps converted to variable-speed operation to eliminate the need for chilled-water bypass, reducing energy use
  • Direct drive, electronically-commutated plug fans installed in 24 air handlers offer quieter, more reliable service and significant energy savings
  • Existing chillers remain intact as emergency backup, adding further redundancy

The Results

The project will save more than $500,000 in annual energy costs and will pay for itself in just 21 months. In addition, the project achieved the following environmental impact equivalencies:

  • Eliminating the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 954 cars, or
  • Eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity used by 686 homes
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