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KCP&L Thermostat Program Case Study

Published January 25, 2017

The KCP&L Thermostat Program, developed in partnership with CLEAResult, is designed to replace 23,000 legacy thermostats with Nest Learning Thermostats over a three-year program cycle. This partnership enabled KCP&L to offer state-of-the-art Nest Learning Thermostats to their customers at no cost, with an additional $25 annual incentive.

Smart thermostats delight customers, save money and reduce peak demand

The results? In a few months, the program shattered all goals and expectations. KCP&L’s Thermostat Program reached unheard of levels of customer satisfaction. Customers were so enthusiastic, they started their own word of mouth advertising across all forms of social media to promote the program on behalf of KCP&L, with no direct marketing investment from the utility. Download the full case study for details about the project and the complete list of “lessons learned.”

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