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Conversations Episode 2: Asking the Right Questions about Big Data with Colin Gibbs

Published April 13, 2017

Episode 2: “Asking the Right Questions about Big Data with Colin Gibbs”

Data, and the way we collect it and use it, is an evolving topic in our industry. For the second installment of our podcast series Conversations, we caught up with CLEAResult’s Director of Business Analytics Colin Gibbs after his Big Data presentation at Energy Forum, our annual conference. In his estimation, gathering and interpreting data is a “matter of asking the right questions.”

In this episode, Colin and host Steve DeLeon discuss the three distinct categories of data utilities are interested in, the ownership of that data and where energy efficiency consultants fit into the equation. Along the way, Colin helps to shed some light on the ways data is being used in our industry now, and how it might be used in the future. Big Data can be used to improve the utility customer’s overall experience, and Colin knows how.

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