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People First, Buildings Second™: Accelerate Program Results through Proven Approaches

Published February 19, 2015

With a new generation of energy efficiency programs on the horizon, it is important to look beyond existing models to unlock the full potential of your customers. Discover how CLEAResult’s nationally recognized Energy Advisor approach to demand-side management generates deeper customer adoption rates well beyond the assessment.

Watch the webinar presentation to learn:

  • A refreshing human-centric approach to motivate utility customers
  • How to use behavior science to successfully implement and support your programs
  • Actionable strategies to increase success rates, brand attribution and cross-promotion of your programs


Laura Hutchings, Customer Experience Strategist, CLEAResult

Laura focuses on customer-centric strategies to increase adoption of energy efficiency upgrades for utility and community programs. She leads the integration of Energy Advisor services and the People First, Buildings Second approach into CLEAResult's portfolio of offerings.

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