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Businesses: Get the Maximum Value Out of Your Energy Budget

Published August 01, 2017

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Energy doesn’t have to be a fixed expense. And energy management, usage data and utility rebates aren’t something businesses have to navigate alone. Energy saved means dollars earned.

“CLEAResult’s Managed Energy Solution, or MES, allows you to focus on what’s really important: your core business,” says Patty Anderson, MES senior manager.

MES is a turnkey solution for commercial and industrial entities to manage expenses, optimize operations and implement new technology. It can also introduce on-site energy generation assets across your portfolio of facilities. In this Q&A, Patty explains how MES can make mitigating risks and lowering costs easy.

CLEAResult: To get started, can you describe, in a nutshell, what MES is and what it does?

Patty: Yes! MES is a holistic energy management solution for commercial and industrial businesses, tailored to their specific energy efficiency goals. MES manages expenses by reducing operating costs. More specifically, it optimizes your operations through energy assessments, continuous equipment monitoring, and by informing stakeholders of operational changes necessary to persist energy savings.

MES can also introduce new on-site or off-site generation assets to assist in providing demand side management and off-setting critical peak demand. MES implements technology cost-effectively and it deploys resources efficiently.

There’s a large and rather engaged MES team. Why is that? And what’s the benefit to the customer?

Energy management for large commercial and industrial operations is complicated, and it’s technical. There are some critical facilities that have massive systems using both gas and electricity, that operate 24/7 and can’t go offline—our team has the project management and technical expertise to manage this risk. Other businesses have very low operating margins, and energy cost savings contribute directly to the bottom line. Our team has the analytical expertise to develop a strategy that maximizes margins through reduced costs. We’re the customer’s advisor. We help them clearly articulate their goals and manage all aspects of delivery to meet their specific needs.

What are some of the challenges unique to working in large industrial facilities, and how do you address those challenges?

The unique challenges are the critical nature of facilities as well as the size and complexity of the building support and process dedicated systems we talked about earlier. We’ve got that covered. But our C&I customers face additional challenges like lack of management support, projects not living up to performance and financial expectations. We address lack of support by engaging all players, from executive sponsorship down to night shift operator and ensure they understand the goals, their role in the plan and all of the associated benefits. One-off projects done by different consultants outside of a strategic plan don’t often live up to expectations; MES’s energy management plans address that with a holistic, long-term and integrated strategic energy planning approach. As far as return on investment, we address that by showing our customer hard data from existing projects— it may take several years, but the significant long-term savings these projects produce will positively impact future revenue generation.

Great! Thanks, Patty.

Sure thing.

To learn more about the benefits of MES for C&I businesses, don't hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, be sure to download our MES overview sheet, and check out our Design Build case study.

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