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Energy Smart Rewards Superdome $50K For Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Published March 28, 2017

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NEW ORLEANS – When New Orleanians think of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, football games concerts and Mardi Gras celebrations come to mind. But now, they can add energy efficiency to that list. That’s because New Orleans’ Energy Smart program recently awarded Superdome officials with a $50,000 cash incentive for lighting upgrades in the venue.

Through participation in the Energy Smart Large Commercial & Industrial Solutions program, Superdome officials are expected to save nearly $450,000 and just under 4.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That’s equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 663 passenger vehicles driven for one year or the carbon dioxide emissions from 332 homes’ energy use for one year, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

“We’re glad that one of New Orleans’ largest and most iconic facilities is realizing such massive energy savings through participating in the Energy Smart program,” said Derek Mills, manager of Entergy New Orleans’ demand-side management programs. “And we hope it will be an example to other commercial customers – both large and small – as well as our residential customers, on just how valuable the Energy Smart program can be.”

As reported by program consulting firm CLEAResult, the $50,000 cash incentive put the payback period on the Superdome’s upgrades at only 6.5 years by greatly offsetting their cost, and thereby allows facility officials to realize a 15.23 percent return on their investment.

In addition to lighting upgrades, the Large Commercial & Industrial Solutions program also provides incentives for efforts such as:

  • High-efficiency unitary air conditioning and heat pump (split systems and rooftop package units)
  • Electric chillers
  • Premium efficiency motors
  • Window film
  • Any other measure that results in a measurable electric-usage reduction

The incentives are based on $0.10 per kWh for qualifying lighting upgrades and $0.12 per kWh saved for all other upgrades. Total incentives per facility per program year cannot exceed $50,000 or the cost of the upgrade, whichever is less. Funding is limited, and incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Energy Smart is an energy-efficiency program developed by the New Orleans City Council and administered by Entergy New Orleans that provides energy-efficiency solutions to residential and commercial customers, as well as to government organizations. The program is implemented by CLEAResult, an energy-efficiency consulting firm.

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