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Measuring Our Impact with the Corporate Responsibility Report

Published October 19, 2017

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Across CLEAResult, we talk a lot about the impact we make on behalf of our clients. And as proud as we are of our work—which includes lighting upgrades and HVAC inspections and home energy assessments—we know we can do more. 

That’s why in 2016 we decided to look inward to assess our operations as a business, and the impact we have on our planet. And in so doing, we came away with our first Corporate Sustainability Report. In creating this document, we focused on three critical areas:

Our planet–how our operations affect our environment
Our people–how we engage our employees and create a workplace where they can thrive
Our performance–how we serve our clients and the environmental impact we have on their behalf
  We looked across reporting frameworks to understand the best way to capture and report our findings transparently and accurately. The Global Reporting Initiative’s reporting standards quickly emerged as the best fit for our purposes, and serves as the framework for this report as well as the reports we’ll produce in the future.
Our first Corporate Social Responsibility report is an important milestone, but is merely the first step in a much longer journey. Going through this initial process helped us establish performance baselines and enabled us to get more specific on future goals and aspirations. Just as important, we were able to see where we have gaps that we can now focus on closing.    Of particular note, are our three goals from 2016, and the measures and efforts undertaken to achieve them:

To maintain a work environment that encourages our people to thrive.

To this end, we conducted our first employee engagement survey, offered 56 new virtual training courses for team members and planned two cross-company engagement initiatives.

To establish a baseline understanding of our corporate environmental impact.

We found that we held over 72 thousand virtual meetings, traveled over 12 million miles by air and car and engaged 35 percent of CLEAResult employees in Green Team and behavior change initiatives.

To establish a baseline understanding of client impact.

We ran over 700 energy efficiency programs, and have helped our clients save over 4,500 gigawatt hours and 54 million therms. Along the way, we’ve handled over 10 million customer service calls and processed nearly half a million rebates.

This was an exciting and eye-opening first for CLEAResult, and we’re committed to expanding our data collection and analytics to tell an even richer story about CLEAResult in the future—more about our environmental impact, about what we do for our clients, and how we’re engaging with our employees.

For more information, take a look at the complete report, available for download below!

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