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Predictions 2017: What the new year will bring for demand-side management

Published January 04, 2017

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What will the demand response and energy efficiency fields look like in 2017?

That's the pressing question many companies are facing as the nation gears up to face a new presidential administration and Congress. Beyond the federal level, several states have passed legislation last year tackling standards and policies for energy efficiency, and grid operators continue to refine their market structures for demand response.

As we prepare for a new legislative and regulatory landscape, several industry insiders offered up predictions for coming trends in the utility sector. For demand response, these trends span the spectrum of home energy management to energy efficiency standards for marijuana growers...

4. EVs will proliferate, as will marijuana efficiency programs CLEAResult: Tesla received nearly 400,000 preorders for its new Model 3 sedan. Safe to say, the EV market is heating up. Time-of-use (TOU) rate schedules for customers with EVs will continue to gain traction among utilities, as it not only creates price signals that encourage charging at times when demand for energy is low, but also allows utilities to separately meter the charging station.

This provides valuable insight into the charging behavior and use of EVs across a utility’s service territory. Also, 2017 will see the first part of $2 billion in spending on EVs and EV infrastructure as part of the VW settlement. An additional $2.7 billion will be spent to offset emissions, some of which could also be spent on EVs and related infrastructure.

In the 2016 elections, eight states approved new cannabis measures, including California, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Florida. Indoor grow operations for cannabis are nearly as energy-intensive as data centers, so as more and more states move forward on the measures approved for cannabis use, there may be more concerted efforts to target efficiency programs for marijuana businesses.

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