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Putting the "EE" in Halloween

Published October 28, 2016

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This time of year, it’s not uncommon to come across roving hordes of ghosts, ghouls and zombies on the streets at night. Demanding door-to-door satisfaction in the form of sweet candy treats under threat of retribution by way of nefarious “tricks.” The whole world seems preoccupied with darkness and death. Spider webs and skeletons. Candy corn and cackling cadavers.

But where others see only terror and turmoil, decay and despair, CLEAResult sees opportunities for energy efficient solutions. Take, for example, the harrowing tale of Jeannie Sikora and a casket company in storied old Pennsylvania. A manufacturer of the very vessels in which so many of us will ultimately slumber. What did Jeannie find when she took a closer look?

Quite a lot, actually.

The company starts out with a great deal of green lumber, which must be dried in kilns before it can be made into caskets. Kiln drying is an energy intensive process, and they were in the market for five new kilns. The company had the option of purchasing these kilns with or without optional variable frequency drive (VFD) fan speed controls. While kilns with added VFD controls offered much greater energy efficiency, they were also a good deal more expensive.

On behalf of CLEAResult, Sikora was able to leverage our relationships with both the kiln manufacturer as well as the area utility provider. Working with projected figures from the manufacturer, we were able to secure a rebate from the utility for the casket company that enabled them to buy kilns enabled with VFD fan speed controls.

“Their ROI,” says Sikora, “was no longer DOA.”

Ultimately, the VFD-enabled kilns were able to generate verified annual electrical energy savings of 231,143 kWh. The scariest thing about the casket business, it turns out, is the time, money and energy the company might have lost.

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