Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Saving energy has always been our specialty, and SEM is how we make sure those savings last.

Next-level energy savings

SEM gives us an opportunity to take a step back and look at energy efficiency through a wholistic lens. Our teams will work with you and your facility to create a long-term plan for reducing energy use that includes goal setting, tracking progress and reporting results on an ongoing basis. As your progress evolves, we’ll continually check in and adjust to accomplish more every year.

Next-level energy savings
How we get the job done

To give us a full picture before we build a forecast for your savings, our teams will collaborate with yours to measure, model and report on how you use energy today.


Sherlock-level energy savings start by discovering new opportunities to reduce your annual usage with our own eyes.


Once you’ve discovered the best opportunities to lower your energy use, we’ll work together to set realistic reduction goals and put a plan in place to reach them.


With your plan in place and people aligned, it’s time to get to work and reduce your energy use year round.


Continuous improvement is a natural part of the energy-saving process. From maintaining your newly installed systems to looking ahead toward your next reduction target, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Our technical assessments are best for larger, generally commercial, facilities that may have unique energy needs that require an engineer to properly recommend efficiency improvements.

When taking a wholistic approach to energy efficiency for larger facilities, we like to start work early. Normalized energy modeling allows us to pair your historical baseline metrics with our predictive energy consumption data to give you a full report of your estimated energy savings.

Whether you’re ready to become a zero-energy building or prefer to take small steps to get there, our SEM team will show you how to set, reach and surpass your energy reduction goals—and keep it all within your budget.

We focus on three key areas of improvement to make your current systems more energy efficient: behavior, equipment and generation. By combining behavioral best practices for saving energy with the technology and power needed for significant change, we’ll create an achievable strategy for reduction and management that’s specific to you.

Whenever necessary, we’ll bring on our Design Build engineers to develop custom plans for any of your complex energy challenges. Our team can handle your entire project from end-to-end, including concepting, construction and consulting, to make completing your large upgrades easier than ever.

Once your new energy systems are installed, we’ll follow up every so often to check that everything is running as it should be and report any savings or maintenance needs to all participating parties.

As you start to feel the difference from completed upgrades, our teams can get together to show you where to focus your efforts next. This could include additional equipment improvements, smart controls, on-site renewable energy generation and other custom approaches to saving even more energy.

Looking for new ways to improve your strategic energy management as a whole? We’re chock full of innovative ideas to keep your approach to energy use feeling fresh, engaging and, most importantly, successful.

Meet CLEAResult ATLAS™

Making our world environmentally sustainable means building the technology that bring all our practices under one roof. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products tie everything together to change the way people use energy in real time.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Carbon
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Carbon

Our carbon accounting platform helps measure your carbon footprint, then simplifies the process of entering, monitoring, and reporting data.

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Measuring our success.

Our SEM efforts are constantly expanding–and we couldn’t be prouder of the energy-reducing results.

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