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115V Internal

115V power supplies certified for desktop, workstation and non-redundant server applications.

230V Internal

230V power supplies certified for redundant, data center applications.

115V Industrial

115V power supplies for industrial applications in any physical format (embedded, encapsulated, open frame, rack mount, DIN-mount).

230V EU Internal

230V EU power supplies certified for desktop, workstation and server applications in non-redundant configurations.

Meet CLEAResult ATLAS™

Making our world environmentally sustainable means building the technology that bring all our practices under one roof. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products tie everything together to change the way people use energy in real time.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace

Serving as a rebate validation tool, digital storefront and educational hub, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace brings common offers and products together into an engaging ecommerce experience.

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