National energy impact

$210 Million
in savings to income-eligible households on energy bills
metric tons of CO2 emissions averted solely from income-eligible programs
active energy programs across U.S. and Canada

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Making our mission work for all.

Beginning in 2003, our mission to change the way people use energy has held strong ever since. Now as the largest provider of emission-reducing energy solutions across North America, we continue to give our clients and partners everything they need to make using less energy easy and accessible for everyone.

Going net zero by 2025

Aiming to reach our goal of becoming net zero by 2025 has been a lesson in discipline, dedication and most importantly, data collection. Last year, we made significant progress and reduced our carbon footprint by nearly 70% from our 2019 baseline. Discover all the ways we make our positive impact possible in our 2022 Sustainability Report.


Our Perspective

The Inflation Reduction Act builds upon the strength of our energy efficiency ecosystem and accelerates all our goals. We’ll see a true transformation in the way people use energy, and everyone will benefit. Read our latest insights to get prepared with us.