Brand & Identity

We've spent years making the CLEAResult name one of the most trusted brands in the utility industry. Now, we're doing the same thing for our clients. Working with us puts dozens of branding capabilities at your company's disposal. From logo design to social media, we'll put the full suite of our agency-level skills to work, giving your brand a unique, authentic and effective voice. With our help, your brand will cut through the noise to engage your customers.

We're the proud ambassadors of every brand we build

In the digital era, it’s more important than ever to find a partner who is as calculated as they are creative--who can take the strategies that have served the energy industry well for so many years and translate them into new and exciting ways to endear your brand to your customers and the community you serve. CLEAResult is that partner. We offer agency-level account services combined with an understanding of our industry we've earned over decades of success. We know the barriers to engagement and participation, and we know how to overcome them better than anybody.

More than that, we have a deep commitment to data-driven strategy. With our market research providing a clear and detailed understanding of the specific behaviors and preferences of target audience groups and subgroups, we're able to merge visuals with messaging to form a cohesive identity. One that's relevant to your customers and their needs.

We build brands as meticulously and effectively as we created our own. And we maintain the brands we build. We ensure that your brand positioning, voice, tone and visuals are all on-point, every step of the way. You'll end up with a brand you can be proud of and that your customers are eager to engage with.

Our brand and identity capabilities include:

  • Market research
  • Visual identity
  • Brand positioning
  • Account services

We keep your brand on-brand

Efficiency UNITED is a group of 16 energy providers in Michigan with one common goal: providing valuable energy savings to residential, small business and large commercial customers. To increase awareness and drive participation for their programs, CLEAResult proposed a total brand refresh. We gave their website a whole new look, inviting increased engagement. We also created an entirely new toolkit, giving trade allies and contractors better access to resources. Since refreshing Efficiency UNITED’s brand, we’ve achieved program goals every year.