CLEAResult designs, markets and implements commercial, industrial and residential energy programs on behalf of our Canadian government and utility clients.

Local Experience, International Expertise

At CLEAResult, we have over 115 employees across Canada delivering the insight, technology and experience you need to achieve advanced, measurable energy program results. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs and regulatory conditions of our client. Our local teams are members of the communities they serve, supported by our network of over 2,500 industry-leading international experts who refine our services with best practices gleaned from their experience in a wide range of geographic regions.

Working with our clients and industry partners, we have launched and currently implement diverse projects and programs throughout Canada:

  • In Ontario, we provide clients with everything from technical reviews of commercial and industrial (C&I) energy efficiency projects to program administration and marketing, in support of programs like new construction and low income. We’ve assisted one client in reviewing more than 10,000 program applications since 2011.
  • In British Columbia, we run a small-to-medium business energy savings program that has engaged more than 50 local lighting and refrigeration contractors in delivering first-of-its-kind energy savings across this hard to reach sector.
  • Across Canada, our strategic energy management practice is a one-of-a-kind service offering focused on large and medium industrial customers. These programs deliver ongoing low-cost and no-cost operations and maintenance savings to Canadian utilities’ largest customers, increasing uptake of larger retrofits and fostering closer customer engagement.

We offer you a workforce available to deliver large-scale program services, specialized market assessment and implementation planning services, and targeted pilots, all with a comprehensive high-quality customer experience, organizational leadership experienced in meeting goals and a history of trusted partnerships in designing and executing programs.

Our in-house consulting teams and energy engineers have designed and implemented multiple pilot programs to refine our clients’ program offerings and have applied results to program delivery to maximize C&I energy savings and carbon reductions. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of conservation and demand management (CDM) framework services designed to help utilities analyze their markets, forecast future program participation rates, determine administrative and incentive budgets, test program and portfolio cost-effectiveness, and determine appropriate staffing structures. We provide a range of direct-to-customer services based on the needs in each jurisdiction, such as conducting audits and feasibility studies and design and construction services.

Through our experience in scaling and delivering the largest programs in Ontario, we have also developed robust operational processes. These include QA/QC processes, safety standards, reporting templates, escalation procedures, technical and customer service training, program materials, call center scripts, customer facing guidelines and more.

Whether we’re delivering energy savings through focused programming, pilots and projects or conducting outreach campaigns across the country, your goals are our goals. To learn more about working with CLEAResult, simply fill out the contact form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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