Commercial HVAC

On behalf of our utility clients, we implement A/C tune-ups, replacements, duct sealing and other HVAC measures for commercial customers.

CoolSaver™ offers utilities unmatched technology, contractor support and savings

We offer commercial and industrial customers a wide range of solutions to address all heating, ventilation and A/C needs. Of these, the most popular solution is our CoolSaver™ A/C tune-up program.

With CoolSaver, we take measurement data from thousands of tune-ups in a variety of climate zones. By streamlining delivery through our modeled-savings approach, commercial customers enjoy high-quality tune-ups that yield above-average savings in significantly less time. The CoolSaver program also entails unit replacements, duct sealing and other HVAC measures—all delivered through a platform optimized by continual feedback from participating contractors, customers and utility clients like you.

CoolSaver customers benefit from:

  • Direct collection of technical data from gauges and meters, without hand-keying
  • Diagnostic workflow that helps technicians identify, understand and correct problems in the field and aids in training to improve the quality of tune-ups and installations
  • Remote technical support with live screen sharing and equipment video feeds, which enables the implementer to provide technical support to contractors quickly
  • Integrated photos, timestamps, geotags, address geolocation and signature functionality, all of which eliminate paper use, reduce errors and prevent gaming
  • A client-branded customer page that shows completed work and cost savings and provides digital customer verification, which is emailed directly to the customer at the conclusion of a project

Looking to the future with proven services

We've performed over 80,000 CoolSaver A/C tune-ups, which resulted in a 15 percent median efficiency improvement and an average 13 percent increase in median capacity. We've also developed a custom CoolSaver app, which we use for data collection, technical HVAC requirements and quality-verification standards.