Commercial Program Marketing

Our full-service marketing team develops campaigns that communicate your energy-saving offerings straight to your commercial customers, and strategies that deliver results.

Your energy efficiency efforts deserve an audience—we’ll tell the story

At CLEAResult, we’re proud to have a full-service marketing team ready to spread the message of energy efficiency programs in the commercial and industrial sector. We understand that for most utilities, commercial customers are the highest energy users. We work hard to make sure these customers—from large key accounts to small businesses—are well aware of the energy-saving opportunities you’ve made available to them.

By focusing our strategic and creative marketing expertise solely on the energy industry, our team has developed a clear insight into the forces motivating your customers. We don’t just understand your story—we can help you tell it. This makes us uniquely positioned to inspire meaningful engagement in your energy efficiency programs.

We start by listening closely to commercial customers who tend to be very busy and might not have energy efficiency at the top of their priority list. With that in mind, our marketing and outreach strategies focus on educating and engaging while minimizing any disruptions to business. The strong relationships we build with trade allies and service providers are equally important in easing program participation, and marketing plays a key role in those communications.

We also place a high value on customer data and market research—what drives your customers drives our marketing strategy. This gives us the insight we need to boost awareness and involvement in the most cost-effective and impactful way possible.

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