Creative Services

How do you get commercial customers excited to turn off unused motors? How do you make changing the lightbulbs in a home an event worth tweeting about? How does a utility pivot from broadcasting to their customers to engaging in a conversation with them? With the Creative Services team at CLEAResult as your strategic partner, you'll connect with your customers in memorable, unexpected ways.

We don't waste creative energy—we maximize it

While Creative Services is your one-stop shop focused solely on energy, we also have a wealth of experience in other sectors we can draw on. This gives us a fresh perspective for energy efficiency marketing and advertising and enables us to create engaging customer experiences, effective calls-to-action and measurable results.

We develop targeted, hyperlocal marketing materials that strategically align with your existing visual identity and brand voice using a variety of data-driven techniques. We use targeted outreach strategies to find the precise audience segments to produce maximum program impact. This leads to behavioral changes across diverse demographics and customer awareness you can measure.

Once we find your ideal audience, we use people-centric strategies to cut through the noise and clutter of the digital age. After all, in order to speak to humans, you have to talk like one. We’ll empower your customer to begin or continue their energy efficiency journey, positioning your programs as helpful, trustworthy partnerships along the way.

Whether we're producing point-of-purchase signage or a social media campaign, everything we do is created specifically for your customer's satisfaction.

What's in the Box? Results!

The award-winning "What's in the Box?" campaign we produced on behalf of Nicor Gas resulted in a 102 percent increase in program participation. To make a potentially dry topic compelling, we created a suite of digital resources to give customers every reason to get to know their furnaces for the first time. The online quiz we built not only further educated customers on the importance of furnace efficiency, it also provided Nicor Gas with valuable customer data it could use to bolster future campaigns and initiatives.