Demand Response

Demand response, or DR, provides incentives to reward utility customers for using less energy (gas or electric) during peak demand times. Our DR solution serves to reduce strain on the electric and gas grids, offer valuable incentives to participants who help keep costs down, and create an opportunity for customers to reduce their carbon production.

Engage your residential and C&I customers with demand response

These days, residential utility customers are becoming more and more engaged with their energy consumption. They live in increasingly connected homes and interact with consumer goods—like learning thermostats, smart water heaters, light bulbs and electric vehicles—that can be leveraged for DR purposes. Using a learning thermostat, for example, it's now easier than ever for a utility to remotely adjust the temperature in participating customers' homes within an agreed-upon range over the duration of a DR event.

At the same time, given the expansion of automated production, commercial utility customers are becoming more engaged than ever with the way they use energy. When these customers are made aware of the ease of involvement and potential savings, they become enthusiastic DR program participants.

At CLEAResult, we've found that utility customers of all kinds are excited to participate in DR initiatives that put a real emphasis on client success and customer satisfaction. To that end, we create custom solutions specific to customers' needs. Our years of experience working in energy efficiency and demand response, combined with our strong partnerships with best-in-class manufacturers of software and equipment, allow us to create a holistic DR customer journey. And because we already have a strong presence in the communities our utility clients serve, we can offer authentic local delivery on a national scale.

Our DR solutions address customers' needs

“CLEAResult does a really good job of creating synergies between different program offerings based on customer needs, instead of just an operational plan chiseled out three or four years ago. They understand the program we're trying to implement isn't just a program, but is part of a larger holistic portfolio of offerings.”

— Tyson Brown, Product Manager at KCP&L