Count on us to implement successful and cost-effective energy efficiency projects for cities, municipalities, counties and state and federal governments.

Smart, turnkey solutions streamlined for quick implementation

We support local governments with efficiency enhancements, lowered operating costs, improved air quality and alignment with legislative and regulatory requirements. By providing utility-funded services such as technical assistance, communications support, benchmarking and Energy Master Planning, we enable government entities to overcome the most common obstacles that impede the progress of energy efficiency upgrades.

Drawing on our collective knowledge of specific building types in the local government sector, we're able to help manage energy costs by identifying cost‐effective projects and funding sources, prioritized over a multi-year span. In addition, we administer financial incentives for energy savings and help promote energy efficiency accomplishments to the community.

Our unique approach to energy efficiency on the municipal level has been proven to achieve deep and comprehensive energy savings for local governments, time and time again.

Saving local governments millions of kWh and millions of dollars

CLEAResult has implemented municipal government programs that span multiple states. Since 2007, we've executed 1,400 projects, saved over 17,000 kW and over 75,000,000 kWh, with more than $6,166,000 awarded in utility incentives.