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Whether they’re online or in store, our mobile-friendly platform gives your customers easy access to instant discounts on energy-efficient products.

Put the power to save at your customers’ fingertips

Although utility rebates offer enticing savings on energy-efficient products, high upfront costs, tedious applications and long wait times mean that only about 7 percent of people actually take advantage of them (Nielsen, 2014).

To make these rebates more convenient to customers, our mobile-friendly Instant Rebate Tool provides quick and easy access to utility-sponsored discounts at point of purchase. Customers simply select their product and enter a few basic details to receive a unique barcode (in less than 90 seconds) they can use at checkout—no application required.

Technology makes the platform possible, but it’s our close relationships with retail and manufacturing partners that truly sets it apart. Obtaining the rebate codes directly from the source enables us to deliver instant savings to your customers, eliminating many of the previous barriers to participation.

The result is a win-win-win: Customers save more money, retailers move more products, and utilities save more energy. To build on that success, we’re working with industry leaders to expand our instant rebates platform across the continent. Click this video link to see how quick and easy it is for customers to access instant rebates on energy-efficient products.

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