We have the experience and expertise to deliver lighting programs that produce substantial savings for our utility clients and their commercial and industrial portfolios. Drawing on our network and our knowledge base, we administer advanced lighting controls, standalone lighting programs and more. We’re fully equipped to develop trade ally networks and pilot programs and to conduct research and development on behalf of our customers.

We maximize the benefit of lighting technologies

Lighting programs are instrumental in helping businesses overcome the upfront costs associated with energy efficiency technologies and upgrades. We make it easy for your customers to take advantage of low-cost lighting retrofits, instant rebates and controls upgrades.

As the cost of advanced lighting controls continues to drop, and as LEDs replace conventional technologies, the lighting landscape is adjusting to reflect these changes. With our years of expertise and close ties to manufacturers and leading lighting technologists, CLEAResult is in the best possible position to help utilities and their customers address their lighting needs in a changing world. Looking forward, we're currently designing two targeted programs, both of which involve the installation of advanced lighting controls systems in commercial spaces. Both projects leverage the Design Lights Consortium’s Networked Lighting Control qualified products list as well as additional resources from their Commercial Advanced Lighting Controls effort. The future of lighting programs at CLEAResult looks bright, indeed!

Turn on the lights, switch on the savings

Lighting programs and measures are responsible for an estimated 50 to 75 percent of utility energy efficiency portfolio savings.