Low Income

We draw on decades of experience and in-house outreach experts to successfully engage and enroll low income customers in energy savings programs.

Our expertise drives participation and participation drives savings

Nearly one third of working families qualify as low income families. This group of residential customers represents a significant source of potential energy savings, with households that can benefit greatly from upgrades that reduce costs and improve home performance. In the past, energy efficiency programs targeting this demographic were government funded, but as accountability shifts to utilities, complications with customer enrollment persist. Utility perception among this subset of customers is low, and thoughtful program design is needed to change minds and increase adoption.

CLEAResult draws on more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing low income programs to successfully drive engagement and participation. We help these families save energy and money by providing energy audits, whole-home retrofits, weatherization, air leakage testing and sealing, furnace tuneups and direct installs of instant savings measures like efficient light bulbs, faucet aerators and shower heads. We also work with local trade ally partners to educate income-qualified customers on other energy-saving improvements they can make to their homes, and offer billing assistance programs to help with financing.

Our in-house marketing team produces end-to-end campaigns that positively impact customer perception of our utility clients, making customers more likely to participate in these programs. We also leverage our national reach to strengthen local communities and ensure an easy path for low income customers to adopt energy-saving measures.

Customer satisfaction boosting strategies

“We’ve received more positive feedback from customers since [CLEAResult] took over this program; we used to have to solicit it, but now customers are sending letters to us praising CLEAResult and National Grid. Your outreach has impacted our brand positively.”

National Grid Rhode Island representative