Marketing Analytics

Our data-driven analytics model enables utilities to know their customers—their habits, preferences and demographics—and to reach out to them in entirely new ways. We provide actionable insights utilities can use to create targeted marketing strategies and achieve their customer experience goals. With our experience and insight into the utility industry, we'll help you get the right message to the ideal customer.

Connect to your customers through data

With our depth of knowledge in the utility industry and our expertise in the field of data analytics, we’re in a position to offer a unique service: a true partnership. Our marketing analytics program isn’t just a one-time handoff. We’re able to look at literally millions of data points and discern a wealth of customer interaction information. From there, we can help create marketing strategies, informed by the data as well as our unparalleled understanding of the nuances of the utility business.

Our market analysis capabilities are far-reaching. In the interest of customer satisfaction, we create and conduct customer satisfaction surveys and touchpoint tracker surveys, which identify the root causes behind both positive and negative feedback results. We also implement dynamic, password-protected, web-accessible dashboards to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute survey results.

We conduct market research to identify the demographic and psychographic layout of your territory. This allows us to create targeted messaging for your customers, increase energy efficiency program participation and conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction scores.

For long-running programs, we offer visualizations of data collected from zip code saturation, so our clients can clearly track how much potential participation remains in target markets. And, of course, we’ll help you track all activities on your website with Google Analytics. We can implement, administer and manage turnkey commercial and residential solar programs.

We use real-time data to boost acquisitions and drive down costs

A utility provider in the Northeastern United States came to CLEAResult with a desire to increase online home energy assessments across their customer base. So we came up with a plan. We developed a suite of digital banners and social media ads targeting qualified individuals who shared demographics with customers who had already completed an online assessment. The campaign was dynamically optimized and homed in on the specific characteristics of past customers based on real-time behavior. Doing so enabled us to decrease the cost per acquisition by more than 200 percent in a span of two months and resulted in 544 customers completing online assessments.