We foster partnerships between utilities, manufacturers and distributors that provide instant discounts for commercial and industrial customers.

Flexible programs based on established relationships

A midstream program is relatively simple in concept: we connect a utility with a distributor in an effort to provide a manufacturer’s energy efficient products to the utility’s customers at a discounted rate. In practice, a midstream solution is a little bit more complicated.

A successful program is more than an agreement reached for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. It’s the product of established relationships and trust. We work on a daily basis with all levels of manufacturers and distributors—from the executives to the sales representatives—and have done so over the course of many years. Our partners in this space are familiar not just with our dedicated midstream staff, but also the systems and procedures we use to implement and manage our programs. Each entity involved in a midstream program has its own needs and challenges. We've designed our solutions to be flexible and comprehensive enough to accommodate all of them.

We have the ability to move quickly

“We appreciate how quickly CLEAResult was able to get our products into a midstream program and the on-going communication and support they provide. We have been incredibly impressed with the expedient turnaround time to any request and have found the customer service to be impeccable. We have truly enjoyed our experience working with them and look forward to that positive relationship continuing to flourish.”

— Eaton Cooper Lighting, Manufacturer