Residential HVAC

We use the knowledge of our building science experts to design and implement residential HVAC programs tailored for every region and climate.

Flexible programs to fit your needs

When pursuing an energy savings plan, attention to heating and cooling is imperative. HVAC represents the largest source of energy use in most homes, and CLEAResult has years of experience creating successful HVAC efficiency programs, employed across North America, tailored for any climate. We develop relationships with local HVAC contractors to build and nurture a network of allies to implement our HVAC programs. By creating award-winning marketing campaigns, we can also spread the message that HVAC efficiency programs can extend the useful life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs and produce lasting energy savings.

We apply the knowledge of our internal team of building science experts in the development of a range of HVAC efficiency programs. Our standard-package HVAC programs like CoolSaver™ and AirCare Plus® cover tune-ups, maintenance and service programs. We also deploy incentive programs, like ones for replacement of inefficient air conditioners and heat pumps or gas programs for replacement of inefficient gas furnaces and fireplaces. We implement heat pump and duct sealing programs as well as smart thermostat programs and provide proven quality assurance programs. This is all in addition to our ongoing trade ally training, management and recruitment efforts.

All of our HVAC offerings are flexible. We can implement them as turnkey offerings or use them to bolster existing programs; our HVAC-services expertise can strengthen all of our new and existing homes programs. We can also offer optimal customer satisfaction and trade ally engagement strategies informed by the continuous feedback we receive from utility clients, customers and participating trade allies, giving you the best, proven energy savings results possible.

We’ve delivered over 80,000 tune-ups with our CoolSaver solution alone

Our CoolSaver HVAC solution has provided tune-ups across North America. Each tune-up is aided with our custom CoolSaver app for data collection, technical HVAC requirements and quality-verification standards.