Residential Virtual Assessments

Our Virtual Assessment is an approach to engaging customers with energy efficiency expertise using live augmented reality (AR) remote support platform to perform remote energy advisor-guided home assessments. The results: Direct customer engagement, faster energy efficiency initiative rollouts for utilities and lower costs for everyone.

Virtual assessments: Our remote solution to saving energy

CLEAResult’s Virtual Assessment is the most advanced remote expertise platform on the market powered by true augmented reality features including:

  • Enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Object recognition
  • QuickDraw™
  • Streemshot™
  • Automatic call logging

The energy advisor’s remote assistance tools are enabled using technology that empowers customers to choose how utilities support them while guiding them through the process step-by-step, automatically capturing relevant data about the home.

Why customers love it: Comfort. Guided by a virtual energy advisor, customers will conduct a walkthrough energy assessment in the comfort of their home. Control. Flexible scheduling means customers can utilize their assessment at their own pace on their own time. Convenience. Without an on-site visit, teams no longer need to physically enter the home, allowing for increased social distancing, safety and flexibility.

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Key benefits of CLEAResult’s Virtual Assessment:

  • Low stand-up costs compared to equivalent physical options
  • Ability to reach customers in remote or hard-to-reach areas
  • engaging with more customers in the amount of time.

Lower: Transportation expenses Greenhouse gas emissions Time and cost Field-based safety risks and liabilities