Single Family

We have more than 30 years of experience developing and delivering comprehensive programs that help utilities maximize energy savings in single family homes, while minimizing costs and challenges for customers.

Serving up end-to-end residential programs that are easy as pie for homeowners

The residential sector accounts for 25 percent of U.S. energy use, and 80 percent of that use comes from single family dwellings. The potential energy savings are significant, yet adoption of energy efficiency measures pose a number of practical challenges. Homeowners must balance competing priorities when deciding whether to make the investments required to capture these energy savings. And even when they've made the decision to improve their energy efficiency, there remain considerations of which contractors to hire, which products to install and what measures offer the best value and performance.

CLEAResult is adept at helping clients maximize single family home energy savings through programs designed to increase customer adoption and minimize costs. Our comprehensive programs are informed by in-house outreach teams and engineering support to produce the most effective outcomes. Beyond design, we implement and market every aspect of single family residential programs, including customer contact centers, home energy audits, retrofits, HVAC, trade ally management, incentive processing and new construction, among others. We streamline program delivery with the aid of proven customer recruitment strategies through marketing that focuses on clear language and visual representations to outline step-by-step participation processes.

We manage single family programs of all sizes for utilities across the U.S. and Canada. And these programs do more than create tangible and significant energy savings. Our approach to customer engagement works to position our utility clients as trusted energy advisors, facilitating ongoing energy efficiency measure adoption into the future. Furthermore, we tailor programs to the needs of the specific community, working to engage and educate customers about the comfort and savings benefits of undertaking energy efficiency upgrades in their homes.

Our single family solutions reach far and wide

A successful Comprehensive Assessment program that we run in the East completes 80,000+ customer home visits per year.