Small Business

We work hard to help small business owners take advantage of valuable utility incentives and to identify the most cost-effective solutions for their facilities. At the same time, we work alongside utilities to develop energy efficiency programs focused specifically on small business customers.

Help your small business customers save time, energy and money

Small businesses make up the majority of all commercial utility customers, but they comprise a market that can often be difficult to connect to. Short on resources, small businesses may lack the time to research and understand their utility provider's energy efficiency program offering. We have years of experience working with small businesses, understanding pain points and conveying the benefits of energy efficiency projects. In this way, CLEAResult is instrumental in building relationships between small business owners and their local utilities.

Small business owners face a unique set of challenges. There are a number of ways that CLEAResult helps.

  • Segmenting the market places small business customers with common characteristics together. This improves customer satisfaction and increases both participation and depth of savings.
  • Marketing crafted toward small business customers helps to raise awareness and relevance for their specific needs.
  • A wide range of eligible measures helps small business customers within different industries to maximize their savings potential.
  • With the streamlined installation and lighting measures we provide, participation is simple and convenient.

In addition to processing paperwork for reimbursement, CLEAResult offers a wide range of services for small businesses:

  • Technical support for completing applications and identifying and prioritizing energy saving projects.
  • Our small business tool allows trade allies to enter projects quickly and easily provide customers with immediate savings information and electronic signature capability.
  • Our opportunity screening process identifies energy savings opportunities at a given facility.
  • Small business owners get access to a broad and experienced contractor network.
  • Wide range of measures for energy savings—lighting, refrigeration, faucet aerator and spray valve upgrades, for example.

We know what we're doing, and we do a lot

We're currently running small business programs across six states and expanding our efforts even further. Since 2015, we've completed more than 3,800 small business energy projects for these programs, saving over 96,000,000 kWh and 16,000 kW.