We can provide solutions for your customers' growing appetite for solar—and other forms of renewable generation. By connecting qualified installers with participants, streamlining processes, simplifying incentive programs and providing options for participation, we're able to reach all customer segments, including those typically left out of the trend toward solar and other renewables.

The renewable energy your customers seek

More and more, customers are looking for alternative, renewable forms of energy generation like solar, water and wind. Renewables represent a way for users to control costs, satisfy social desires and make a positive environmental impact.

At CLEAResult, we understand that in order for solar generation to realize its potential, it needs to be supported by strong, successful utility programs. In our industry, we have seen many examples of solar programs suffering intense scrutiny after delays and poor handling. The solar incentives themselves often outstrip the machinery required to deliver them. In designing and operating our solar programs, we focus on policies and procedures that ensure transparency, thorough communication and positive customer experiences. In this way, we avoid the mistakes that jeopardize other programs.

We can design, implement, administer and manage turnkey commercial and residential renewable programs. Our programs offer:

  • Industry-leading program design and implementation experience
  • Flexible staffing solutions for fluctuating application volumes
  • Contact centers operated by advisors trained in renewables
  • Fast and efficient online processing of incentives and interconnection
  • A one-stop portal for a variety of renewable applications and technology types

CLEAResult's solar and other renewable programs give utilities a way to provide the energy generation options your customers are seeking. Our commitment to the simple, structured, clearly defined delivery of well-designed programs benefits operators and customers alike.

Years of success in solar programming

From 2008 to 2016, we delivered a renewable generation incentive program for a western utility. In addition to processing hundreds of solar applications per day, the program included wind, microhydro and solar thermal incentives. All told, we:

  • Paid out $257 million in incentives
  • Serviced 18,600 customers
  • Delivered 162 MW in installed capacity