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Expanded Services and Programs

Our newly acquired partner, Ecofitt, is entrusted by utility and government agencies to provide delivery services for energy efficiency and water saving programs. With their network of master tradespeople and our unparalleled expertise combined, there’s no limit to the energy savings that can be achieved.

Residential Energy Programs

With an average customer satisfaction rating of over 4.9 out of 5, Ecofitt’s team has done a fantastic job delivering residential solutions. And, we’re excited to continue their great work. 
From smart home installation to furnace maintenance, our combined network of field technicians across Canada can help you live more sustainably. 

Live in Ontario? Check out The Energy Affordability Program and The Home Winterproofing Program for special rebates on energy-saving products.

Residential Energy Programs

Commercial Energy Programs

Bringing Ecofitt on board enables us to bring more benefits to more commercial clients than ever before. Whether you’re in the market for commercial lighting, weatherization, water saving measures or energy efficiency enhancements, we can help your business go green. Why wait? Talk to one of our representatives today. 

Are you a business owner in Manitoba? Discover how you can save with Efficiency Manitoba’s Small Business Program. 

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Energy Audits

Ecofitt is now an important part of the way we perform energy audits in Canada. Customers often see thousands of dollars in energy savings as a direct result of upgrades made using their products. Plus, Ecofitt’s teams are certified by Natural Resources of Canada as a Service Organization to offer residential energy auditing services through their team of Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs). The best part? Many improvements come at zero cost to homeowners.

To get your free audit, please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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Energy and Water Saving Kit Programs

Through Ecofitt, we’re able to offer a range of energy saving kits that can be fully customized as well as assembly and shipping services. To date, Ecofitt has assembled, installed or delivered over 250,000 kits, each uniquely tailored to the client’s needs. These kits are ideal as welcome packages or as introductory products towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Interested in learning more? If you’re a FORTIS BC or BC Hydro customer, you can apply for a free kit.

Energy and Water Saving Kit Programs

EV Charging Support

Ecofitt has teamed up with reputable Canadian electric vehicle charging manufacturers to install the best vehicle charging solutions in your home, business or residential building complexes. They work with industry leading manufacturers to ensure the best products are provided at the most competitive prices. 

Reach out to Ecofitt today to ask about installing your new electric charging stations. 
Or, learn more about  British Columbia’s free EV advisory services through cleanBC.

EV Charging Support
Bringing Clean Energy to Canada

Did you know all Canadians are entitled to amazing energy savings? Let us connect you with local programs and services designed to help everyone live more sustainably. Together, we can build a greener future.

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