If your home and household income levels qualify, you could be eligible for free insulation, draft proofing, a smart thermostat, ENERGY STAR® appliances and more. CLEAResult delivers EAP for Ontarians that live in the L,N,M and P postal codes. There are two types of support available through the Energy Affordability Program:  Comprehensive Support  and  Energy Saving Kits .


Comprehensive Support:

Ontario residents who qualify for this level of support will have an energy-efficiency expert visit their home to conduct a free energy needs assessment to identify opportunities to help them save energy, receive upgrades and replace eligible appliances. Depending on eligibility and the existing equipment within your home, you may receive:

• Energy-efficient refrigerator

• ENERGY STAR® certified Window air conditioner

• ENERGY STAR® certified LED light bulbs

• ENERGY STAR® certified Dehumidifiers

• ENERGY STAR® certified Freezers

• Drying line for clothes

• Smart power strip

• High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld)*

• Faucet aerators (kitchen and bathroom)*

• Additional attic or basement insulation**

• Weatherstripping around doors and windows**

• Smart thermostat(s)**

Cold climate air source heat pump** 

*for homes with electric hot water heating 
**for homes heated by electricity 

Your household is eligible if you meet the following criteria:

• A resident of an eligible Social Housing property, OR

• An individual who owns, rents or leases a residence, is listed as the primary or secondary utility account holder, 

• You meet ONE of the following criteria:


Your household fits within these levels:

Number of people in the homeBefore-tax household income


Received one of the following types of assistance in the past 12 months:

1. Allowance for the Survivor

2. Guaranteed Income Supplement

3. Allowance for Seniors

4. Ontario Works

5. Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

6. Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program             


Received a Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) grant or were part of the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) within the last 12 months.            
Is qualified to participate in a natural gas income-eligible demand side management (DSM) program during the past 12 months.

If you meet these eligibility criteria fill out the self-serve application from and email it to us at [email protected].


Energy Savings Kits:

Eligible households can receive a free energy saving kit with easy-to-install products to help you manage your energy costs and improve home comfort. Each kit will be shipped directly to your home and can include:

• LED light bulbs

• Weather stripping

• Handheld showerhead

• Retractable clothesline

• Faucet aerators

• LED night light

• You may also receive a block heater timer if you use a block heater for your vehicle.


Your household is eligible to receive a kit if you meet the following:

1. Be an individual who owns, rents or leases a residence in Ontario and is listed as the primary or secondary utility account holder

2. Have an annual household income for the previous year that does not exceed the following limits:


Number of people in the homeBefore-tax household income


Have questions? Contact us at 1.888.386.1185, email us at [email protected] or access the online chat hosted on this page.