What free upgrades are available through this program?

Depending on eligibility and the existing equipment within your home, you may receive:

  • ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs
  • High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld)*
  • Faucet aerators (kitchen and bathroom)*
  • Drying line for clothes
  • Energy-efficient refrigerator
  • Window air conditioner
  • Smart power strip
  • Additional attic or basement insulation**
  • Weatherstripping around doors and windows**
  • Smart thermostat(s)**

*for homes with electric hot water heating 
**for homes heated by electricity


The Home Winterproofing Program

The Home Winterproofing Program helps lower natural gas bills by providing eligible participants with a free in-home energy assessment and free energy-efficient upgrades. So far, more than 22,000 households have participated. Will yours be next?

What free upgrades are available through this program?

Wall, attic or basement insulation
Wall, attic or basement insulation

Proper insulation can eliminate drafts, control moisture and minimize outside noise.

Draft proofing
Draft proofing

We’ll seal air leaks, so heat doesn’t escape through the cracks.

Smart thermostat
Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat adjusts automatically to keep you comfortable without wasting energy.

Save on Sustainability Products

As a trusted delivery partner of the Canadian Government, Ecofitt can help you start living more sustainably through a variety of initiatives and programs.

British Columbia

BC Hydro Customers

The Power Smart Energy Savings Kit Program

Our free energy saving kit includes simple, energy-saving products that you can install yourself. These products will help you seal up drafts in your home, save on your lighting costs and reduce your home’s water use.
Each Kit Contains:

  • LED bulbs
  • Weatherstripping to reduce drafts around windows and doors
  • High efficiency showerhead
  • Water-saving tap aerators
  • LED night light
  • Fridge and freezer thermometer
  • Step-by-step instruction guide* to help you install each product

You’ll be able to customize your kit based on your specific needs through our application process.

How to Apply

Apply for your free energy saving kit online or by calling 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800-224-9376) or 604-224-9376 in the lower mainland from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. during weekdays, and  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to provide:

Your name and BC Hydro account number (found on the top right corner of your bill)
The number of people in your household and your total household income
Do you rent your home? You can apply if the BC Hydro or New Westminster account is in your name.
Don’t qualify for the free kit? You can still save. 

Visit Ecofitt to purchase your own Energy Saving Kit and receive a discount as a BC Hydro customer.

BC Hydro
BC Hydro

FORTIS BC Customers

Energy Saving Kit Program

Our Energy Saving kits includes easy-to-install products that  make your home to be more energy efficient, ultimately helping you save on energy bills.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Water-efficient showerhead
  • Faucet aerators
  • Weatherstripping
  • Window film
  • Outlet and switch gaskets
  • Hot water gauge
  • LED light bulbs
  • Fridge and freezer thermometer
  • LED nightlight
  • $25.00 furnace filter coupon

For income-qualified households, the Energy Savings Kit is FREE. Call 1-877-436-7847 and get your free kit today! Don’t qualify for the free kit? You can still save. Visit Ecofitt to purchase your own Energy Saving Kit and receive a discount as a FortisBC customer

Apply Online


Rental Apartment Efficiency Program (RAP)

The RAP program assists property managers and owners of eligible apartment buildings, hotels and motels make changes to save money, energy and water at no cost. In partnership with FRESCo, Ecofitt currently delivers the direct installation of energy efficiency products, including installation of high-performance hot water measures, lighting and provides additional low or no cost energy efficiency education.

Apply Online

FORTIS BC Customers
FORTIS BC Customers


The Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

The surprisingly powerful stream that comes from PNG’s FREE Pre-Rinse Spray Valve charges through heavy food build-up, burnt pans and more, making it the best performer available for efficiency and quality of stream delivery. To order your FREE Pre-Rinse Spray Valve, get started here.



The Small Business Program

Ecofitt delivers the Small Business Program on behalf of Efficiency Manitoba. The Small Business Program helps small, independent businesses reduce their energy use and utility bills by providing free water and energy saving products, as well as financial incentives on more comprehensive lighting retrofits. The program offers two levels of energy efficient upgrades so that small business owners can pick the level that’s right for them:


  • Free A-line LED bulbs
  • Free bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators
  • Free pre-rinse spray valves
  • Free showerheads
  • Free installation
  • Free lighting and attic insulation assessment to find out how you can save even more


  • We cover 70% of the material and installation cost for:
  • LED linear lamps
  • Specialty LED bulbs
  • LED exit signs
  • Smart thermostats
  • Lighting controls
  • Pitched roof insulation


  • It must be under 15,000 sq. ft.
  • It’s not part of a national franchise or chain.
  • It must have ten or fewer locations in Manitoba.
  • You must pay an energy bill (at a commercial rate)

Learn more about Efficiency Manitoba’s Small Business Program.


ENBRIDGE Customers

The Multi-Unit Residential Showerhead Replacement Program (MURB)

Since 2015, Ecofitt has been permitted to deliver a rebate for each showerhead of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater that is replaced with a low-flow showerhead of 1.5 gpm or less. Customers qualify for the rebate once it is confirmed that all existing showerheads have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater. A flow rate test is conducted on existing showerheads for 10% of the residential units at the building address.

Benefits of Installing Low-Flow Showerheads:

  • Reduction in natural gas costs
  • Reduction in water costs
  • Fewer complaints from building occupants about insufficient hot water
ENBRIDGE Customers

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