Overview of our energy sustainability services

We offer a wide range of services to measure, build, manage, test, teach, certify and implement energy efficiency initiatives that help your organization meet its environmental and sustainability goals.

Energetics: Strategic Energy Planning & Consulting

Energetics brings a new level of strategic thinking and technical analysis to our market-leading offerings.


We develop a strategic approach to strengthen your climate resilience while reducing GHG emissions.

Energy Projects
Energy Projects

We design scalable solutions that tackle complex energy challenges for commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes. 

Strategic Energy Management
Strategic Energy Management

We audit a variety of facilities to create and implement strategic recommendations.

Testing & Certification
Testing & Certification

We certify products, power supplies and people through 80 PLUS® certifications and our learning management platform.

Awareness & Education
Awareness & Education

We drive traffic, raise awareness, increase engagement, provide customer service and educate trade allies /contractors.

Surpass your renewable energy goals.

Our expertise is built upon decades of helping countless clients save money and energy. We’re continually improving our energy efficiency services as well as refining our expertise to reflect current market trends and climate change challenges. Discover all the ways we can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals below.

Accelerating energy transition through technology

Our comprehensive energy efficiency software suite is designed to tackle the clean energy industry’s toughest challenges. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products provide the tools and technology to change the way people use energy in real-time.


Simplifies eligibility qualification for income-based incentive programs by offering multiple paths to verification.


Helps meet the precise needs of your customers, while keeping them on track to maximize their energy savings potential.


Leverages our expansive data framework to produce an exceptional level of customer insights and predictive operational analytics.


Connects customers to the common upgrades, special offers and product rebates they need to save money and energy online with ease.


Trains distributors, trade allies and more on new technologies for energy efficiency upgrades.


Tracks and reports your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to establish your organization’s baseline carbon footprint.


Elevates customer engagement through all-in-one DERs management for forward-thinking utilities.


Coordinates resources and communication channels so it's easy to engage complex partner networks.

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