How we help our clients transition to clean energy:

Get in the fast lane to the clean energy future using our decades of energy efficiency expertise and deep-rooted networks of energy transition experts all over the country. Helping you navigate this exciting time of change is what we do best.

Energy consumption assessment
Energy consumption assessment

Everyone’s energy goals are unique. That’s why our energy assessments are personable, approachable and easy for any client or customer beginning their clean energy transition

  • Standard in-person energy assessments: Often at low or no cost, standard assessments give homes and businesses a complete picture of how they use energy today and a customized, clear path to how to use cleaner energy sources tomorrow.
  • Virtual assessments: On-demand virtual energy assessments connect people with trained energy consultants directly through their phone or tablet to complete a full evaluation of their energy habits.
  • Energy use analytics and reporting: Our energy assessments are backed by experience and driven by data. We integrate third-party sources and internal data to provide participants with personalized analytics next steps and recommendations.


Energy transition fulfillment
Energy transition fulfillment

From increasing demand response-ready devices to fleet electrification, fulfillment is how we make sure everyone in your community has access to more carbon-free energy choices

  • eCommerce: our mobile-friendly ATLAS™ Marketplace gives your customers quick and convenient access to instant savings on all kinds of high-efficiency energy transition products. 
  • In-store energy rebate programs: Let your community save right at the cash register by including in-store rebates, promotions and educational resources for shoppers.
  • Midstream and community distribution: We connect our utility clients to participating distributors and community-based organizations to accelerate the adoption of energy transition solutions.
  • Trade ally network: We have over 750 energy efficiency consultants currently out in the field saving people energy. Each one brings expertise, professionalism and compassion to the communities they serve.



When your customers are ready to make the switch to cleaner energy products, storage management or generation solutions, we’ll be there to lend a hand wherever we’re needed.

Driving the industry forward with innovative energy transition solutions.

Our energy experts pull from over 100 result-driven capabilities to create custom solutions or what we like to call “programs.” A combination of the capabilities below often play a key role when it comes to energy transition. Your dedicated program manager will go over them in further detail and discuss what works best for you.

Energy transition capabilities

Building Electrification

Building electrification, which entails transitioning heating and other energy needs to electricity, levels up your organization’s sustainability goals by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Building Electrification

Transportation Electrification

Whether you’re transitioning thousands of vehicles, or searching for simple plug ‘n play solutions, we can help you navigate the growing pains of clean energy adoption. From selecting the best fit vehicles and comparing costs to anticipating charger demands—our seasoned experts can guide your organization every step of the way.

Discover EV

Demand Response

Using less energy is just as important to customers as it is to grid reliability. Our demand response (DR) and distributed energy resource solutions (DERS) give you and your customers greater flexibility in how energy is used, stored and distributed. We can help you set these programs up from scratch or use strategies like Direct Ship to integrate more products into your existing DR or DERS program.


DERMS Requirement Development and Configuration

We make it easy to create, connect and configure distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS). Our flexible, customer-centric Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architectures lower deployment costs from end to end.


Solutions pre-built for success

While most of our energy efficiency solutions are customized to fit a client’s specific needs, there are times when a pre-built one fits just right. Some of our most popular pre-configured solutions are listed below. Clients love them because they’re ready to go right away.

Choose EV
CLEAResult and ChooseEV team up to deliver an even broader set of energy transition solutions

ChooseEV’s transportation electrification expertise empowers even more consumers to compare costs and emissions, identify incentives and ultimately make the decision to switch an easy one.

How our energy transition consultants make an impact:

Transportation Electrification Transportation Electrification
Transportation Electrification

We provide safe, affordable and reliable electric vehicle (EV) options for paving the road to a clean energy future. Our experts use superior data analytics and engineering techniques to determine how green energy improvements will transform the market as well as help with critical processes like strategic planning, demonstrating the benefits of EVs and EV infrastructure and the delivery and implementation of fleet electrification programs

Distributed Energy Resource Management Distributed Energy Resource Management
Distributed Energy Resource Management

Working behind the meters, our demand-side management portfolio helps residential and commercial utility customers maximize their energy efficiency with ease while giving the local electric grid greater reliability for their entire community.

Building Electrification Building Electrification
Building Electrification

We’re experts in harnessing the power of electrification to usher ...

Accelerating energy transition through technology

Our comprehensive energy efficiency software suite is designed to tackle the clean energy industry’s toughest challenges. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products provide the tools and technology to change the way people use energy in real-time.


Simplifies eligibility qualification for income-based energy efficiency incentive programs by offering multiple paths to verification.


Helps meet the precise needs of your customers, while keeping them on track to maximize their energy savings potential.


Leverages our expansive energy data framework to produce an exceptional level of customer insights and predictive operational analytics.


Simplifies eligibility qualification for income-based incentive programs by offering multiple paths to verification.


Trains distributors, trade allies and more on new technologies for energy efficiency upgrades.


Tracks and reports your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to establish your organization’s baseline carbon footprint.


Elevates customer engagement through all-in-one DERs management for forward-thinking utilities.


Coordinates resources and communication channels so it's easy to engage complex partner networks.

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