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Employee Spotlight: Kenyatta Releford, real-life energy superhero

Kenyatta Releford Energy Superhero

Meet Kenyatta Releford, one of our real-life energy superheroes. She is inspiring the next generation of girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers by sharing her story in the children's book series, “Everyday Superheroes.” Kenyatta and her role here are spotlighted among 34 energy superstars in the latest edition, Women in Energy. The series is geared toward elementary age children who are interested in STEM careers, energy efficiency and energy transition.


Kenyatta is a Program Manager and Lead Weatherization Technician for us in Oklahoma. In the book, Kenyatta describes her job as an auditor that works with construction companies to help homeowners save energy. When asked to share advice with young people, she said, “Treat the world as if it is your dream world, and it will become your dream world.”


She is an inspiration to young women in STEM, and we’re proud to have her on our team. You can purchase the books via amazon at Books for Girls - STEM Superheroes | Diversity in the STEM Field starting July 25.



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