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CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect: Aligning People & Programs to Maximize Energy Savings


With the launch of our unifying technology solution, CLEAResult ATLAS™, we began a journey that will define our efficiency efforts in the coming years. The holistic, modular nature of CLEAResult ATLAS™ enables us to bring congruent offerings to market, all grounded in the same foundation of connected data. These expansions serve as the spokes on the wheel of CLEAResult ATLAS™, strengthening its core functionality and channeling its universal data into a new context and purpose, adding distinct features and benefits of their own. 

Meet the first of these expansions: CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect. The idea of an energy efficiency ‘journey’ unique to every customer has always been central to our mission, but this new approach takes what started as an animating philosophy and applies it to a tangible framework. 

Essentially, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect does just that: connect. Connects people to programs, programs to products, products to people, and more. It provides dynamic, personal energy efficiency journeys for each customer, guiding them from one measure to the next as each becomes relevant to them. For example, if a customer recently had their home weatherized, they may be interested in a smart thermostat to save them even more energy. Thanks to the limitless data integrations of CLEAResult ATLAS™, these pathways can exist across programs, including those from third parties, creating a truly universal experience. 

At its core, our approach uses an integrated engagement methodology to align people and programs and maximize energy savings. The customer’s program entry point becomes the first step on a path that builds itself in front of them, incorporating targeted marketing, personalized progression based on Next Best Action, and more. 

We’re bringing this offering to market to address some of the toughest challenges facing our industry today. Changing consumer preferences, market saturation of simple measures, and complex, conflicting delivery approaches have made residential savings acquisition increasingly difficult. Not only that, but many customers don’t stick around to push their property to the next level of efficiency. They may take the thermostat rebate, but how do you hold their attention after it’s on the wall?  

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect is the answer, providing a scalable approach to meeting precise customer needs while keeping them engaged and on track to maximize their energy saving potential. It empowers program participants with the means and ongoing guidance to make the best decisions about their energy needs—and with the intelligent data pathways of CLEAResult ATLAS™ as a support structure, they can always be confident they’re pointed in the right direction. 

Our offering is fully modular and can be outfitted with any number of CLEAResult program designs to meet client and customer needs. Based on your energy objectives, potential program components can include: 

  • Home Energy Assessments 

  • Virtual Energy Advisors 

  • Energy Efficiency Marketplaces  

  • Direct Install & Weatherization 

  • HVAC  

  • Small Business 

  • Trade Ally Management 

  • Electric Vehicles Solutions 

  • Financing 

  • And more! 

As customer expectations continue to evolve, design and implementation of cost-effective utility programs have never been more challenging. CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect is here to—put simply—make the process easier. Our approach leverages our technological capabilities to empower program participants with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing guidance they need to make the right decisions about their residential energy objectives. All while providing program teams, clients, and supply chain partners interactive reporting dashboards and predictive modeling to enhance transparency and accountability. 

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect is just a glimpse of what’s possible with CLEAResult ATLAS™ technology. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we build out our unifying technology solution for our connected energy future. 



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