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CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights: Universal Analytics to Guide Us to Our Connected Energy Future


Austin, Texas (July 27, 2021) – The launch of CLEAResult ATLAS™ earlier this year marked a turning point in CLEAResult’s mission to change the way people use energy. Already a leader in developing and implementing technology-based efficiency programs for utilities, CLEAResult is taking another step toward a connected energy future with CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights.

With CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace, CLEAResult introduced a groundbreaking commerce solution. With CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect, they imagined a new way to align people with the programs that will maximize their energy savings. Now, with this third expansion of their foundational ecosystem, CLEAResult is giving utilities the power to operationalize data across sectors and programs. CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights provides cutting-edge predictive energy analytics — and at a lower cost than traditional measures.

From the beginning, CLEAResult ATLAS™ was designed to support a diverse array of expansions over time that will broaden the technology’s scope and channel its universal data into new uses and contexts. Thanks to the limitless framework of data that CLEAResult ATLAS™ provides, these expansions are more powerful and cost-effective than comparable traditional measures.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights leverages that framework to produce an exceptional level of customer-facing insights, predictive customer analytics, and predictive operational analytics. While CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace uses data to inform customers of their next best energy efficiency purchase, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights informs utilities of where their dollars can best be spent to achieve maximum impact.

Each utility client can choose the precise scale of data they’re tapping into, from simple demographic and market analyses to full energy reports and demand response forecasting. The sourcing of the data is both broad and deep, drawn not only through digital customer engagement, but also in-person interactions. Since CLEAResult conducts over 250,000 energy audits and site visits per year, the pool of experience that informs CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights is deeper than any comparative solution on the market.

“CLEAResult is uniquely positioned to provide industry-leading insights for utilities — we’ve been doing it for years. But CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights is different. Never before have we been able to so easily highlight key energy insights across programs and sectors and leverage them in realtime to produce next level energy savings. It cannot be understated that CLEAResult ATLAS™ has unlocked our data-leveraging capabilities in an unprecedented way.”

 - Matt Braman, Business Intelligence Director

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights promises to set a new standard for what utilities should expect from an energy analytics solution. And thanks to CLEAResult’s expansive network of field operations across North America, the range of data it can utilize is truly best-in-class.


Stay tuned for more updates on the groundbreaking innovations and services made possible by CLEAResult ATLAS™.

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About CLEAResult

CLEAResult is the largest provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions in North America. Through proven demand side management strategies tailored to clients’ unique needs, CLEAResult combines the strength of our energy experts and innovative technology to help over 250 utilities change the way people use energy. CLEAResult is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has over 2,500 employees in more than 60 cities across the U.S. and Canada. CLEAResult is a portfolio company of the private equity firm TPG and The Rise Fund, a global impact fund led by TPG. For more information, visit clearesult.com.



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