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CLEAResult Energy Forum 2020




Keynote CEO Scott

CEO Welcome

Hear from Scott Boose as he reflects on the meaning of resiliency and stewardship, the state of the industry, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

“The stewardship of our future requires the resiliency of us all.”

Speaker: Scott Boose – CEO, CLEAResult

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Keynote CEO Poppe

Patti Poppe - "People, Planet and Prosperity"

Listen in as Patti Poppe, CEO of Consumers Energy, Michigan's largest utility, discusses her company's triple bottom line strategy and the broader state of the industry today.

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Keynote CEO Woolard

John Woolard Keynote: Decarbonization

Join keynote speaker John Woolard for a high-level statistical look at the decarbonization landscape we face today.

Speaker: John Woolard – Meridian Energy

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Session LMI

LMI – A Topic Moved to the Forefront

In this presentation, our speakers provide a background of CLEAResult's low- and moderate-income approach, provide some personal perspective on the growth opportunity in this space, and examine how these types of programs can have a lasting impact on both the way people use energy and their overall quality of life.


Kyle Haddock – CLEAResult

Carolyn King – National Grid

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Session SEM

Strategic Energy Management for Communities and Multi-Family: Expanding and Amplifying the Impact of SEM

Speakers discuss how broadening Strategic Energy Management (SEM) to support multiple sectors and include smaller and mid-size customers enables CLEAResult to retain the unique benefits of SEM programs while using innovative designs to expand SEM’s influence. With SEM for Community, we’re building a community-focused cohort, promoting residential programs as part of the SEM engagement, and bringing workforce development options to the community by creating opportunities for high school or college energy interns to learn and work. And in Multi-family SEM, we’ve combined our existing C&I SEM program with our residential expertise to create a program that reaches the multi-family sector with a truly holistic philosophy.


Keri Macklin – CLEAResult

Avrie Dunsmore – SEMCO Energy

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Session Virtual Engagements

Virtual Engagements 2.0

Our speakers explore and explain virtual delivery models, from the development history and deployment process to what’s next as virtual works its way into program designs across the industry.


Seth Little – CLEAResult

Clayton Reed – CLEAResult

Rob O’Connell – Xcel Energy

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Lightning Talks

Our lightning talks are bite-size stories of success and discovery designed to share valuable information and learnings you can bring back to your teams and customers.

Lightning Talks Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Harish Munagala – CLEAResult

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Lightning Talks Social Media

Social Media Success

Denny Phillips – CLEAResult

Rebekah Roberson – CLEAResult

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Lightning Talks SEM Canada

SEM in Canada

CLEAResult Canadian Program Team

Alberta Health Services

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Lightning Talks SEM Schools

SEM in schools

Patrick Sippel – CLEAResult

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